severe (?) error in tdb.c

andreas moroder claudiamoroder at
Sat Sep 22 07:30:03 GMT 2001


in tdb.c  the function tdb_next_lock is defined to retunr int.

static int tdb_next_lock(TDB_CONTEXT *tdb, struct tdb_traverse_lock *tlock,
			 struct list_struct *rec)

at line 1113

			if (!TDB_DEAD(rec)) {
				/* Woohoo: we found one! */
				lock_record(tdb, tlock->off);
				return tlock->off;

tlock->off  is returned, but off is defined as UNSIGNED int

at line 1153 tdb_next_lock is used in this statement

	while ((ret = tdb_next_lock(tdb, &tl, &rec)) > 0) {

and  1180  ret is used in a test

	if (ret < 0)
		return -1;

but tlock->off may be bigger than 0x7fff, so the return value can be , after 
being converted,  <0, and thats wrong.


Andreas Moroder

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