Getent Group failing With Winbind

Adam Read read_a at
Fri Sep 21 11:28:02 GMT 2001

>>> Tim Potter <tpot at> 09/20 6:06 PM >>>
Gerald Carter writes:

> > HSMC being a trusted domain
> > Do I need to do anything special to lookup groups in a trusted domain?
> > This is a showstopper, and I do not want to go back to everyone printing
> > "nobody"
> Does "allow trusted domain" default to on or off?  Hmm....
> Can the server resolve the DC of the trusted domain?

I don't suppose you can do a checkout and test again?  I fixed a
bug yesterday or the day before that had similar symptoms to


Well, I did a check out of samba as of 12-1PM EST and the results are no
different, though there are a few warning when compiling a few winbind
components (winbind_pam).  This has been going on for a while( static variable
problems).  Also, many times a user has trouble connecting, then tries again,
and it works, the NT PC error is "session cancelled" this happens after
authentication in the logs.
Hope this helps :)
Adam Read
IT, Univera Healthcare WNY

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