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Is anyone out there using samba to share out over 6.4 million files ?
We've just had our production system grind to a halt again when we hit this, apparently samba, limitation.

The only noticeable thing that I get from the log files is the following messages:

[2001/09/20 00:32:03, 3] lib/util.c:(1627)
  set_maxfiles: setrlimit for RLIMIT_NOFILE for 10010 max files failed with error Invalid argument
[2001/09/20 00:32:03, 1] smbd/files.c:(151)
  file_init: Information only: requested 10000 open files, 4086 are available.

However as I understand it, the max files option is the number of open files per process, rather than the number of actual files...

Could anyone give me some pointers ??


Rob Leadbeater

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Is there a maximum number of files that can be located in a samba share ?

We're running Samba 2.2.0 on Compaq Tru64 Unix 4.0F.
Everything had been running fine up until yesterday when suddenly we were
getting lots of odd network looking faults.

We eventually pin pointed that an smbd process was taking 99.9% CPU time,
which was related to a Windows machine attempting to copy files onto the

The number of files in the file system which is shared out is currently
6.4 million.
I'm pretty sure that we've not got a unix problem, as creating files
from unix works fine.
Attempting to create files via Windows (NT) eventually gives an
network error".
If I delete some files from the samba share, then the Windows to Unix copy
starts working again...

Any ideas would be greatly welcomed.


Rob Leadbeater

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