Ported smbdes.c md4.c to Perl

Benjamin Kuit bj at it.uts.edu.au
Fri Sep 21 00:10:03 GMT 2001

I thought this was the best place to ask about it.

I've ported smbdes.c and md4.c into a perl module (say, Samba.pm).

Couple of questions:
- What legal notices should I put on it? Would a modified version of 
the header found in all the source code do?
- Where should it go? Should it be part of the samba distribution or
I just see what I can do to add it to CPAN? 

The aim was to be able to generate smbpasswd-type entries, ie the
lm and nt hashes.

Its all in perl (even the md4 stuff, didn't use Digest::MD4) so it's
pretty slow, but at this time, an all-perl solution was the best
choice for me.



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