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Thu Sep 20 13:40:04 GMT 2001

> VCs is the number of threads that the client asks the server
> to allocate for its use.


Thanks for the explanation.  Very useful.

The problem that we encountered was that jCIFS had set the VC number to 0. 
Whenever we established a new connection, any *existing* connections from
the same client would be closed. 

So, for example, I was using smbclient to manipulate protection bits while
running a jCIFS test against the same share on a W2K box.  Whenever jCIFS
opened a new connection, the W2K server would close the connection with
smbclient (which uses a VC number of 1).  When we also changed jCIFS to
use a VC number of 1, everything worked fine. 

This appears only to be an issue if both connections originate from the 
same source.

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