Winbind on Samba 2.2.2-pre

leif.klepp at leif.klepp at
Thu Sep 20 07:38:10 GMT 2001


> > "wbinfo -t" claims that the "secret is good"
> > "wbinfo -n <username>" resolves to SID
> > "wbinfo -u" results in "error looking up domain users"
> > "wbinfo -g" results in "error looking up domain groups"
> Did you use "winbind -u" or rather "winbind BIG_MACHINE -u" (where
> is the Domain PDC)?  You should add in the PDC name in this command.

without any reference to the PDC.. the "wbinfo -h" does not mention that
with a word...

anyways, when I just did, I get the same error message..

[snipped sections on messing up my pam setup :)]

> I'm looking into this myself today and will write up a HOW-TO for RH
> with in the pam.d files for later today (hopefully).  I'll
> your files are (also) incorrect at the moment

would be surprised if they were not at the moment :)

[snipped tdb-stuff and plea for help]

> I'll distribute my configs when I get them working ;->
Thanks. Looking forward to see what went wrong.


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