WINS static entry support (Re: WINS again ;-))

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at
Thu Sep 20 00:30:02 GMT 2001

Sanvir Singh Jham wrote:
>I have checked the wins.dat file and there is no entry for this debian
>mailserver. I tried to manually put an entry, but then this does not
>last for long.

wins.dat file is read when nmbd starts and write-back when nmbd stops.
So, if you modify wins.dat manually, first you should stop nmbd.
And then please add entries like:

"SAMBA#1c" 0 e4R
           |                             ~~~ <-- means NetBIOS group name
           | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <-- multiple IP addresses is 
           |                                 seperated with a space
           +-- TTL = 0 means forever

"DONAU#20" 0 64R   
                           ~~~ <-- means NetBIOS unique name
       ~~ <-- suffix must be written with lower case.

and restart nmbd.

This probably works well, but not much tested.
Please examine and I want a report from you :-)

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