cvs update: cannot read CVS/Tag: end of file

Neil Hoggarth neil.hoggarth at
Wed Sep 19 08:42:19 GMT 2001

On Wed, 19 Sep 2001, Steve Kennedy wrote:

> Still getting this for various files
> first file (when doing a cvs update), then
> cvs server: Updating samba/testsuite/libsmbclient/src/readdir
> cvs update: cannot read CVS/Tag: end of file

I have a nasty feeling that CVS is trying to tell you that your local
copy of the tree is broken in some way.

Do you have a "samba/testsuite/libsmbclient/src/readdir/CVS" directory?
If so, does it contain a file called "Tag"? If so, does that file
contain a valid looking tag? (for example: the CVS/Tag files in my 2.2
tree contain a single line, "TSAMBA_2_2").

Perhaps you ran short of disk space, or quota, during a CVS update and
some of the files got messed up?

It might be best to check out a fresh copy of the tree, though if
bandwidth is scarce and/or expensive you might get away with removing
the particular directories that you are having a problem with (I think
that if you blow away part of the tree and then run an update at the
root of the tree it will check out the missing bits for you afresh).

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