Problems Compiling

Luc Nuytten eidolon at
Mon Sep 17 15:42:08 GMT 2001

I'm kind of a newbie at Linux, but here goes anyways.  I downloaded the 
latest SAMBA source and I'm having problems compiling it.  The libraries it's 
looking for weren't with the package.  The source looks like it should skip 
over this if I don't have the lib, but for some reason it's not.  Any 
suggestion on how to fix it?

the errors are

Compiling printing/print_cups.c
printing/print_cups.c:25: cups/cups.h: No such file or directory
printing/print_cups.c:26: cups/language.h: No such file or directory
make: *** [printing/print_cups.o] Error 1

Thanks for any help.

Luc Nuytten

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