smbstatus reporting duplicate shares open

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri Sep 14 06:51:08 GMT 2001

On Mon, 10 Sep 2001, Joe Meslovich wrote:

> In recent days we have been fighting a puzzling performance
> degredation. The system is a Solaris 8 x86 box running the 2.2 CVS as
> of September 6th. What we have been seeing are processes that take
> approximately 2-3% of the CPU cycles opposed to the other smbd
> processes taking up less than 1%. The errant processes show an
> interesting scenario when looked at with smbstatus. The process has a
> single share open twice.

This is valid if the client has two unique TIDs to the same share.
Many things can cause this increase in CPU and is not encessarily
abnormal.  If the client is particularly chatty at the time, then
you will see increased CPU usage.

Just curioous, why are you worried about this small usage?

> Is it normal to have these duplicates? We are really trying to iron
> out the performace bugs, and this one is hurting us and I don't know
> how the second instance is spawning or why if a second spawns why the
> first does not go away.

I still don't see what the real problem is?  There is still
only one smbd process.  Is you server beyond its capacity?

cheers, jerry
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