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Thu Sep 13 16:14:04 GMT 2001

At 3:19 PM -0700 9/13/01, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:

>> I'd rather consider cifs/tcp vs cifs tunneled over something - nfs lets
>...but that's not the issue at hand.  It doesn't make sense to consider
>SMB over NFS.  The URL form won't support that anyway.  (You would use an
>NFS URL string of some kind, I think.)
>> The tunneled will have less
>> functionality, and perhaps subtle semantic issues, but for this would you
>> advocate breaking link-portability by having a different prefix?
>Why/how would it break link-portability?

Because not all systems would support smb-over-nfs aprefix specifying it
would fail in situations where "smb://" would have worked fine.  But we
digress, yes, this is no more the issue at hand than ftp vs http.

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