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Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Thu Sep 13 15:32:03 GMT 2001

On Thu, Sep 13, 2001 at 02:43:02PM -0700, Conrad Minshall wrote:
> I must clarify, as I'm not positive what you heard is what I meant to say.
> Perhaps we are speaking a different protocol ;)  My comment is not about
> URL validity, just about usefulness.

Let me put this as simply as I can:  *Tell me how the heck to do this!*

There is already a LONG appendix to the draft which describes the
incredible hoops we need to jump through just to figure out what kind of
name and which kind of service we are talking to.

Adding support for W2K servers means we must further overload the URL form
and make it figure out:

  - if we are trying to talk to a W2K Domain Controller running Active
    Directory (if so, do we grab the service list?)
  - if we need to try alternate ports to see if services are running

This is going to add a lot of time to URL resolution, which will also
impact users negatively.

Folks, I really, really am trying to work this out but I'm having to play
both sides of the fence, explaining to some people why it is that a single
URL form for both suites is desirable and trying to explain to others why
it may be difficult to create a practical implementation.

Please try to see both sides of the discussion and *help me out here*.  

Tell me how we find out if a name represents a W2K domain and, if it does,
how we would retrieve the browse list from a non-NBT system.

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