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Tue Sep 11 07:47:03 GMT 2001

Just FYI regarding changes to the current SMB URL draft...

The following changes, based on discussions at the CIFS conference and 
via E'mail, will appear in the next revision of the draft:

* Support for the :port field will be added.  It was pointed out that SMB 
  over NBT can run on ports other than port 139.  Samba supports this and
  port redirection over, for example, SSH is sometimes used to secure the

* The 'cifs:' prefix will be synonymous with the 'smb:' prefix.

* The URL will support both SMB over NBT and SMB over native TCP (port 
  445 semantics).  I do *not* yet know if/how a browse list can be 
  obtained from a W2K domain (a non-NBT browse list, probably stored in 
  Active Directory), so I do not yet know if/how the SMB URL could be used
  to access a W2K Domain service list.

* The trailing "query string" syntax, common in URL strings, will likely
  be supported for the purpose of adding additional parameters such as
  the WINS server IP address, the Called Name to be used, etc. 

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