Fwd: cvs_head and winbind problems (possible bug)

Simon Travers-Jones simon at compudigm.co.nz
Sun Sep 9 16:42:02 GMT 2001

ive done a _real_quick_ fix in the mean time:

in rpc_client/cli_login.c (1.40):

 > //stj
 >   char *new_smbusername;
 >   new_smbusername = user_info->smb_username.str + 
 >   DEBUG(0,("new_smbusername = %s\n",new_smbusername));
 > //
<                 user_info->smb_username.str, cli->clnt_name_slash,
 >               //  user_info->smb_username.str
 > new_smbusername,
 >  cli->clnt_name_slash,

Tim Potter wrote:

>Andrew Bartlett writes:
>>>It seems a bit confusing at the moment with request_username and
>>>smb_username kind of meaning the same thing.
>>Thanks.  I've got a funny feeling thats how I intended it to work in the
>>first place :-).
>Thought so.  It's a bit tricky until you have fixed bugs in that
>area of the code.  (-:
>>In any case a lot of this stuff will move around a bit as the
>>authenticaion subsystem starts passing back info - like the
>>unix_username they got and everything they need for a vuser token.  
>>With that change I'll internalise all this behind the interface.
>>I'll have a look at all of this when I've got a little less on my plate.
>OK - I'll send you any patches if I get around to it over the
>next couple of days.


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