Fw: Re: Implemented OPLOCK for FreeBsd

Mike Smith msmith at freebsd.org
Fri Sep 7 19:59:42 GMT 2001

> Signals under this limit are guarenteed to be queued. Now if this
> is less than the number of open and oplocked files per smbd then
> we are safe. I'm trying to track down numbers for this on various
> systems so we can judge. But note this number will be easy to
> increase - so making it equal to the number of file descriptors
> available per process guarentees that we will never lose a message.

This is a bit of a handwave answer, but I'm glad to hear that the 
research is actually being done.

Just to restate what I said before; if you can offer some reassurance
that you've actually thought this out, and measured it in action, and
are willing to show us these numbers, there's no reason for us not to
implement it.

So far, though, all we have is your assurance that everything will be
fine, held against some fairly convincing opinions that it won't.  I
hope you can understand our reservations here; some real numbers would
make the decision a lot easier.

The FreeBSD Project has a limited resource base, like anything else.
Our developers tend to prefer to choose correctness over just "doing
it like the other guy".  I respect your desire to keep Samba
maintenance simple, but asking us to swallow your preferred
implememtation just because it's how someone else does it isn't going
to get you the desired results.


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