Implemented OPLOCK for FreeBsd

Ephi Dror edror at
Fri Sep 7 14:07:04 GMT 2001

Hi guys,

Actually, the SAMBA API for oplock is generic as I understood it. It is used
by oplock.c which is a kernel independent code which makes calls to kernel
dependent code if such support available. I did look at Linux in term of the
actual implementation and decided not to take the Irix approach.

So it is not Linux specific.

It is:
/* if a kernel does support oplocks then a structure of the following
   typee is used to describe how to interact with the kernel */
struct kernel_oplocks {
        BOOL (*receive_message)(fd_set *fds, char *buffer, int buffer_len);
        BOOL (*set_oplock)(files_struct *fsp, int oplock_type);
        void (*release_oplock)(files_struct *fsp);
        BOOL (*parse_message)(char *msg_start, int msg_len, SMB_INO_T
*inode, SM
B_DEV_T *dev);
        BOOL (*msg_waiting)(fd_set *fds);
        int notification_fd;

The implementation of it is a kernel specific.

So far Linux and IRIX were implemented.

I went ahead and implemented it for FreeBSD without using kqueue which is
another great way of doing it but unfortunately does not fit our Panasas

My goal was to implement only what is needed to fulfill the SAMBA API for
oplock and not to develop a generic leasing management on files.

Jonathan, do you have it implemented already? I don't mind to use and test
it for now.

Jordan, it is very possible that the correct Engineering way to implement it
must be with using kqueue and I don't mind to help if needed. The only
problem is that for us (Panasas) later on we must move it away from the
VNODE layer.

For us, at Panasas, we chose fcntl and signal approach because later on we
are going to move the logic of oplock in the kernel from VNODE to other
place that better fit our system architecture.


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> Jordan Hubbard wrote:
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> > Thanks guys,
> >
> > I also mailed some of this discussion to the freebsd developers
> > mailing list, and some of them have already come up with a way of
> > fully implementing the functionality needed by simply using kqueue.
> > I'm currently arguing that we should use kqueue internally
> and support
> > the Linux API externally, but in the interim I think Jonathan Lemon
> > will be able to help provide a freebsd_oplocks.c that mostly just
> > works out of the box if Ephi is willing to work with him a little.
> >
> > - Jordan
> Keeping the Linux external API would be good. We have
> commitments from other (large) UNIX vendors to look at
> the Linux API as a "standard" way of doing this....
> Jeremy.
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