Returning the Username from the SID

Hamilton, Kent KHamilton at Hunter.COM
Thu Sep 6 11:46:42 GMT 2001

If I'm sending this to the wrong place could someone re-direct me? 

We have an application where on a Linux system that uses LDAP to look up the
users SID from the LDAP server in MS Exchange server.  I then need to change
this back into a NT username to generate an account name in a MySQL
database.  I'm sure that there is a simple way to do this using the SAMBA
libraries and I've glanced at the code and found the
map_domain_sid_to_name() call but I'm sure there must be a lot more to it
than just calling that. Can someone point me in the correct direction on
what I need to do for this please?

I'm not on this list so please reply to me directly.


Kent Hamilton <KHamilton at Hunter.COM>
Manager - Systems & Networking
Hunter Engineering Company

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