lp_add_home() patch

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Thu Sep 6 06:56:06 GMT 2001

On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, TAKAHASHI Motonobu wrote:

> >but it will break installations
> >that use 'root preexec' scripts to create the home directory as
> >needed.  Do you agree?
> Functionally yes, but I suspect there were any user to use 'root
> preexec' as you state. I think we use 'add user script' instead.
> Without this patch, we cannot avoid to prevent showing a user's home
> dir that does not exist. I think this is more severe than yours.
> One solution is to add an option that allows to enable this feature.

I would like to resolve this in the next day or so.  I don't
mind adding that patch to HEAD assuming that

      A user can still attempt a tcon to the share
      and the [root] preexec script gets executed
      in the current fashion, even though the service
      cannot be seen in the list enumerated shares

I'll try to test this today.  I think it is a little
too much of a semantic change for SAMBA_2_2.  And of
course, we could wrap it in a new smb.conf parameter.

[ i think our smb.conf is starting to feel like the
  windows system registry ]

If someone feels very strongly one way or the other,
let me know.

To summarize:

	The change would make prevent a user's home
	directory from being displayed in the list
	of enumerated shares if the directory does
	not currently exist.

cheers, jerry
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