Shared memory and IPC

Wez Furlong wez at
Wed Sep 5 18:41:08 GMT 2001

On 05/09/01, "Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton" <lkcl at> wrote:
> hiya wez, hope this helps.  oh, yes: man mmap: MAP_FIXED
> ("use of this option is discouraged" :) :)

:-)  I saw that before I started asking, but as Rich suggests,
there is no easy way to tell where to start the mapping so that
it will work for any process.

> ----- Forwarded message from Alan Cox -----
> both mmap and shmat can do that. Obviously you need to have ensured the
> address range in question is free

And how do you tell if a range is mapped in your address space?

It seems to me that we need some knowledge of the system to come up
with an address that is guaranteed not to be mapped by the kernel.

And _thats_ a tough one!


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