Registration Response packets to a Netbios Name Query

Julie Holloway jhllwy at
Wed Sep 5 18:25:11 GMT 2001

Samba folks,
I have a multihomed Samba server (2.2.1).  When it
recieves a Netbios Query, both NICs respond.  The
Windows 98 client sends a Registration Response to the
second NBT name query response saying "Name conflict".
Microsoft is telling me that Samba should release its
name associated with this address.  The NT4 Server
does not release its name in the same scenario. 
Looking at the code, I see that Samba is not setup for
"unsolicited" responses.  There would be no response
record for this packet, and indeed Samba is not able
to process it.  
I am wondering if a) Does what Microsoft says makes
sense?  anb b) Does anyone have any suggestions on how
to implement this?

Julie Holloway
113 Trailing Oak
Cary, NC  27513
(919) 467 - 1470

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