File gets truncated by "Backup Wizard"

David Brodbeck DavidB at
Tue Sep 4 05:53:03 GMT 2001

I'm actually surprised FreeBSD allows a 4 gig file.  That makes their UFS
superior to Linux's ext2fs, which has a 2 gig limit on file size. ;)

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I have a FreeBSD fileserver running samba 2.2.1a.  A W2K Server SP2
of ours writes files of any size to it just fine, *except* when it
is running the "Backup Wizard" -- once the backup file reaches 4GB,
it seems to write over itself.  (Hmmm... 4GB = 2^32..., wraps

Writing the backup file to another W2K machine works fine, and even
copying it to the samba 2.2.1a server after the backup is finished
works fine.  Just when the "Backup Wizard" is writing to the samba
2.2.1a server itself.

Does this sound familiar to any of you?


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