Errors compiling latest CVS on Solaris 8

Toomas Soome tsoome at
Tue Sep 4 01:29:24 GMT 2001

Tim Potter wrote:
> Rafal Szczesniak writes:
> > > I can (and most probably probably will) make updates, but I really do
> > > not know if it's worth to send them out -- it has taken months with
> > > previous diffs and dozens of emails... I'm afraid, there is black hole
> > > in samba team for diffs...
> >
> > No, it's just VERY limited processing power :) I feel it on
> > myself (with documentation). That's quite usual: If you want
> > to keep good ("tight") control over a project, you have to
> > be careful with applying submitted patches. If you want to
> > be "opened" and apply each (well, most) patch, you can't
> > keep such control ...
> FYI, I'm applying the workstation and logon time restriction
> patch.  Not sure about the nisplus stuff as I have no way of
> testing it at this stage.

there was one problem with this old nispluss.c diff - one org_dir got
not appended. 

would it better if I'll convert nispass.c to use new passdb interface
and I'll post new diff for it? 

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