dcerpc.net - developer forum for DCE/RPC

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba-tng.org
Mon Sep 3 12:27:58 GMT 2001

hi there,

it's been a while :)  been off doing other things, and
now i'm back.  sorry i wasn't at the cifs conference:
i had no means to get there.

i wanted to let you know of dcerpc.net.
dcerpc.net is a developer resource dedicated to DCE/RPC.

as you know, DCE/RPC is kinda tightly integrated into
Windows NT, so it's kinda critical to you.

we're setting up a discussion forum, mailing lists,
cvs - the usual stuff that relates typically to online
project development, however we're intending to reach
further than that: commercial projects are just as
welcome, in fact, actively encouraged.

on the cards is the development and documentation of
an interoperability API to allow coexistence between
different vendor's implementations of DCE/RPC
client/server apps on the same box - *including*
Windows NT-compatible DCE/RPC, over SMB IPC$
(aka NamedPipes: in DCE/RPC terminology, this
is ncacn_np)

at present, my guess is that virtually every single
CIFS vendor who has developed DCE/RPC applications
and framework, has their own 'integrated' implementation
of the NamedPipes transport.
see http://dcerpc.net/article/index.xvl?acct=article:_00
because even samba is guilty of taking this approach.

do you want to develop your own file server but
don't want to spend time right now developing
the entire DCE/RPC suite?  implement this interoperability
API and you won't have to.

do you want to develop your own dce/rpc services, but
don't want to spend time developing an entire SMB
server?  implement this interoperability API and you
won't have to.

anyway, that's just the beginning of the sort of thing
that we'd like to achieve.

if anyone has their own implementations of DCE/RPC
services, not just Windows NT ones, please feel free
to create a project and fill in a homepage link to
your own site.

and if anyone would like to sponsor this site,
the people running it, the people developing
freedce (which is OSF/1 licensed, which is a BSD
style license) so that there is a resource out
there that will save you and others an awful lot
of work, please contact me.


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