smbtorture segfaults HEAD. DELETE, LOCK1 and LOCK2 fail

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Sun Sep 2 03:15:15 GMT 2001

Just a few things from the build farm:

It appears that smbtorture is segfaulting HEAD for the TRANS2 test.  Its
quite reproducable, but I don't understand that bit of the code at all
to tell anything more.  

Also, we are currently failing LOCK1 and LOCK2 due to NT_STATUS code
mismatches, are the codes smbd uses authoritive (new as of tridge's
recent changes)?  Should I just update torture.c such that we pass?  (My
vmware is currently broke).  

Finally, we have been failing our DELETE test for quite some time now,
could sombody have a look at it.  It is also reproducable.

> [2] setting delete_on_close failed (code 0)

On a positive note, we are compiling on most of our platforms now, and
we are getting some new SUSE machines for the farm, including ia64 and
axp (whatever that is...).

Andrew Bartlett

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