David Reimschussel reiml at
Thu Nov 29 17:22:08 GMT 2001

I have a few hpux machines running samba.  I would like to be able to
use ACLs in hpux on JFS (aka veritas or VxFS.)  
I've downloaded the latest source from CVS and couldn't find any hpux
acl code although according to it was planned for
Is anyone else working on this?  What's the story with it being planned
for 2.2.0 but not there- did someone run into a brick wall?  If it's not
done simply because nobody did it, I'll give it a try.

What does adding a new acl platform entail?  Do I just have to add a
section in source/lib/sysacls.c like the other platforms?  Any help
would be appreciated.

Dave R.

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