¿?bug with date and time updates

Benjamín García bgarcia at optize.es
Thu Nov 29 04:19:02 GMT 2001


I have installed samba 2.0.6 in a linux box (redhat 6.2) running with both
win98 (second edition) and winNT4.0 sp6a clients. I have tested it also in
other linux box (redhat 7.0 - samba 2.0.7) with the same results.

When a client updates a file, the date and time is updated with the client
date and time instead of with the server date and time.

I think that it is not possible to change. Then, in my opinion (supposing I
am right and it is not possible to change) this is a serious bug because in
any case the date and time MUST BE UPDATED WITH THE DATE AND TIME OF THE
SERVER. The client shouldn't have control in date and time stamps.

Any serious application must always make use of server date-times (there are
trustable, their clocks can easily being syncronized).

In my case, an application that makes use of the clients files may think
that it hasn't been updated, in fact, it happens). Of course, I can
syncronize the clock of all of my clients (net time \\server /set) but I
don't think it is the right solution.

I think that a client machine shouldn't update the date-time of files not
only for technical reasons but also for security reasons.

Thanks in advance for all,

JB Garcia.

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