code page translation problem and suggestion for fix.

Toomas Soome tsoome at
Thu Nov 29 03:26:02 GMT 2001


the problem itself is simple -- code page translation maps are initialized
with ^Z and then with valid mappings. why this is a problem? because
windows (2000 and XP to be exact) do not like to see ^Z in file names.

the problem will appear, if there are non-translatable chars in client
code page, such as MS Baltic mapping to 8859-15, for example. in this very
case the most hurting char is 1/2, and windows will use it in 3 1/2 inch
floppy drive name.

if file with ^Z in name will appear in roving profile, the user is unable
to get profile downloaded on next login....

now the suggestion for fix -- why not to use space char (dec 32) instead
of ^Z? I fixed my samba and this seems to be ok so long....

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