Make libsmbclient more fail-safe

Tom Jansen t.p.j.jansen at
Wed Nov 28 14:42:02 GMT 2001

Hi Richard,

I've been working on a patch for libsmbclient that makes it even more reliable
regarding to server restarts, network failures etc.

Now I've run into the following problem: How can I verify if a connection to a
SMB server is still operational? I can check if cli_state->fd != -1 but that is
not enough. I want to make sure a server is operational when I give back a
server from the server cache LL inside libsmbclient. I'm looking for a way to
send some sort of ping to the server. Is there a way to do this?

I've got yet another question. Recently, Jeremy removed the "reestablish" code
from libsmb/clientgen.c. I would like to use a slighty modified version of this
code to recover from possible server-side disconnects or connection failures.
Can I move it back in the tree if my patch gets accepted ? 



PS: cc to samba-technical for more brilliant views on the "ping" problem. 
Tom Jansen -- tom (at)
Ninja ISD  --

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