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Thanks again,

I understand the need for periodic garbage collection. However, it's not
so clear why this garbage collection is done on each new client

Why not (1) do the traversal on startup (before accept()ing any
connection), as well as periodically with a special garbage collection
process? Wouldn't it be more robust?


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> Asynchronous open will not ensure the file was really opened
> This might be a problem when open() is used to verify a file exists.

> Why is the traversal needed on every new process - can't it be moved
> before Samba starts processing requests (i.e. before any fork() takes
> place)?

The traversal is needed in case a running samba process aborted
and left dead records in the tdb. Cleanup should be done periodically
to ensure this db is safe. We could change to doing the scan every
10 startups or so..... but we must do it periodically for robustness


PS. You're now sending ascii email, thanks :-).

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