Rant on controlled migration [was: Changing security parameters]

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Fri Nov 23 19:01:04 GMT 2001

On 12 Nov 2001, David Collier-Brown <davecb at canada.sun.com> wrote:
> Concrete proposal re the labourious part:
> 	Introduce the new parameters in 2.x, map it
> 	to the security=x implementation, warn loudly
> 	if it's used wrong, mention quietly if it's
> 	used right.
> 	Mention quietly if other parameters are
> 	inconsistant with the values set (eg, auth 
> 	server set with auth order = unix)
> 	Put the new code into service in a late 2.x
> 	**development** release, providing
> 	compatability.
> 	Phase compatability out starting with 3.0:
> 	in 3.0.0, warn loudly if compatability used,
> 	in 3.1.0 diagnose and halt.

That sounds very good.  By adding some framework to loadparm it should
be possible to do most of it without complexifying the code that 
uses the values.


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