strange message in log file and files automaticaly closed

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Thu Nov 22 11:25:02 GMT 2001

Andreas Moroder wrote:
> Hello Andrew,
> I have a second question.
> You wrote
> > OK, now try again with your password in UPPER CASE.   Windows does
> > this...
> What do you mean with Windows does this. Does Windows change the case ?
> How does it and why is this no problem while using passwd instead of pam `?
> Thanks
> Andreas

The braindead code in the Win9X client will UPPER CASE the password
prior to sending it.

As to the passwd vs PAM issue, we have the same problem with both
(needing to run the password via our password cracker) but becouse our
code for reading /etc/passwd (or /etc/shadow) is entirly within smbd, we
get to control the error messages.  In the PAM case, it is deemed
important to report all the failures - but we could quieten it up a bit
if we needed to.  (You will get similar messages in /var/log/messages).

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