strange message in log file and files automaticaly closed

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Thu Nov 22 04:13:02 GMT 2001

Andreas Moroder wrote:
> Hello,
> after a user logs in I find the following message in the logfile
> [2001/11/21 13:40:30, 0] passdb/pampass.c:smb_pam_passcheck(826)
>   smb_pam_passcheck: PAM: smb_pam_auth failed - Rejecting User pers_barbara !
> The strange is that the user is logged in even if the log tells me the user is
> rejected.
> The problem is that this message is added to the log even while the user is
> working with this server ( every x minutes, where x changes from 10 to 60 )
> When the user has files open from a dos application while this happens, the
> files are closed and the app crashes.
> We have plaintext passwords and --with-pam.
> If I try to log in with the same username via smbclient then I get no error
> message in the log and no one on the screeen. That should prove that pam works.
> All the users have the registry entry plaintextpassword=1

OK, now try again with your password in UPPER CASE.   Windows does

Unfortunetly our only option is to try various permiatations of the
password until it works.  We start with the password as-is, but then we
try lowercase, followed by various upper/lower permiations as per the
'password level=' paramater.

As to the every x mins, that might have somthing to do with idle
timeouts, but that shouldn't happen.

Andrew Bartlett

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