Disk full message with non full disk ( production server )

Andreas Moroder andreas.moroder at sb-brixen.it
Tue Nov 20 23:39:08 GMT 2001


last week I did update to the cvs version after Jeremy solved the oplock bug 
while using dos apps.
Since them we have the following problem:

We have users that open a excel file. When they want to save the file they get 
the error "Disk Full" from Excel, but there is space on the disk.
It happens not to all the users.

I have a level 10 log file I posted yesteday, but the list-manager did not 
accept my posting because it was too big ( 155 KB ).


Dr. Andreas Moroder
Sanitätsbetrieb Brixen - Azienda Sanitaria di Bressanone

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