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You should be able to find the IPs of all the hosts in the local broadcast
domain which have the CEMNTER domain name registered by using this command:

	nmblookup CEMNTER

If you want to find the master browser of the CEMNTER domain:

	nmblookup -M CEMNTER

If you get a reply like "<1d>", then you can investigate it
further with this command:

	nmblookup -A

The output from that command will include all the host, domain, and group
names that host has registered, as well as the name of any user who is
currently logged into the host.

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I have a big network with some samba servers and some NT servers(yet).
I have a Windows DOMAIN named CENTER.
This week, I saw a weird thing.. when I opened my Windows
Explorer....appeared a new domain named CEMNTER.
I guess  some user changed its domain name wrongly.
So, with a 400 hosts network, how can I discover which machine is causing
this problem?

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