Deleting parameters.

Jay Ts jay at
Mon Nov 19 19:34:01 GMT 2001

> On 11 Nov 2001, "Gerald (Jerry) Carter" <jerry at> wrote:
> I think it would be pretty possible to add "deprecated" flags to
> particular entries in loadparm:
> 	&sDefault.bRead_only, NULL, NULL, 0},
> causing a warning message to be printed out on startup, perhaps with a
> URL or documentation reference for more information on migration.
> On the other hand many sysadmins will never look at logfiles or even
> stderr, so it's not a perfect solution.

How about adding that support to the testparm(1) program? It is intended
for checking the smb.conf file, and the person running it would be doing
so expressly for the reason of finding errors.  A -w flag could be added
to testparm to enable or diable checking for "warnings" of this type.

Along with the information (URL, doc reference) you suggest, maybe some
method could be implemented (a CGI form on a website, for example) such
that if anyone really needed the deprecated feature, they could make
themselves known, hoping to convince the Samba Team to keep supporting it.

We wouldn't want to remove a feature and later find out that the space
station depended on it for life support, would we? :-)

Jay Ts
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