Problem with download directory: DigitalUnix

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon Nov 19 16:34:04 GMT 2001

On 19 Nov 2001, "Mueller, Markus" <markus.mueller at> wrote:
> I tried to download the actual Samba version for DigitalUnix, but this did
> not work. On all mirror sites I cannot see any files within the DigitalUnix
> directory. On, there is a Readme file, but I am not allowed to
> read it (Forbidden / You don't have permission to access
> /samba/ftp/Binary_Packages/DigitalUnix/README on this server).

Sorry for the inconvenience.  The file, which is now readable, says:

> For more information about a binary install package for Digital Unix please
> refer to the OSF directory.

However, there seems to be no OSF binaries available on the Samba site
at the moment, possibly because nobody has contributed an OSF machine
on which to compile them.

Perhaps you would like to try building from source yourself, or
helping your customer to do the same.  Please feel free to report your
success or problems to the samba at mailing list.  

If you have an OSF machine that can connect to the internet, you might
like to add it to the system to help ensure your
platform is supported in the future.


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