Making Winbind Efficient for 15,000 users

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Try adding "winbind enum users = no" and "winbind enum groups = no" to your
smb.conf file.  This helped me clear up a problem similar to your login

Good luck,


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> Subject: Making Winbind Efficient for 15,000 users
> I am using the following components to monitor the set or 
> users and groups
> (and what users are in what groups) for a given NT PDC:
> linux with nsswitch set to use winbind
> samba with smbd, nmbd and winbind (samba 2.2.2)
> C library system calls "getpwent" and "getgrent" which are 
> similar to the
> linux commands "getent passwd" and "getent group".
> This allows me to get a list of all users, all groups and for 
> each group,
> the set of users int hat group as seen by the host linux 
> machine. Since the
> linux box is running winbind etc. the list of users on the 
> system mirrors
> those in a given NT PDC box (which in our case is a real NT box).
> The problem occurs when there are, say 15,000 users and 250 
> groups. Each
> call to these functions takes a long time. In many cases 
> logging in as root
> takes so long that we cannot login.
> I am relying on winbind to provide a list of users and groups 
> through the
> linux system calls getpwent and getgrent. I am simulating the 
> PDCs list of
> users and groups in a SQL database. So I need to keep the DB 
> consistent with
> the PDC. To do this I have a C program that calls getpwent 
> and getgrent
> every time a root user logs in (because the root user 
> requires consistent
> up-to-date user-group info). Each time I do this it takes 
> quite a while to
> come back to me - and I think were hitting the PDC quite hard 
> too. To solve
> this problem I thought I would build an in-memory cache of 
> the user/group DB
> and periodically calling getgrent (for a specific group instead of all
> groups) - possibly every 30 seconds or so - rather than 
> getting the list of
> all users and groups at one time, I periodically poll for a 
> single group
> (and its users).
> Instead of polling the PDC continously, it would be much more 
> efficient to
> get events from the PDC when any of the user/group info was 
> updated.What I
> would then need is a way to get "events" from the PDC that 
> tell me when
> there is any of the following:
> 1) a user was added or removed from the system
> 2) a group was added or removed from the system
> 3) the set of users in a group changed
> Anyone know of a way to do this? I think this requires some 
> functions that
> notify on these changes from the PDC.
> Since I know not very much how samba really works, I am wondering if:
> 1) someone can explain how smbd et al communicates with the 
> PDC - really, I
> see 0 documentation on any of this
> 2) if there are samba API calls that do some sort of notify
> 3) if I can add new functions to linux to augment the 
> getpwent/getgrent
> calls for this kind of notify mechainsm
> 4) or if the NT PDC keeps a version number around and chnages 
> this number
> when the user/group status chnages - therby replacing the 
> polling of users
> and groups with polling of the version number.
> 5) what if the linux box was setup as a BDC, would it autmatically get
> user/group updates from the PDC - and so hitting this BDC 
> from winbind would
> be more efficient than going over the wire to the real PDC?
> ----------------------
> Also, barring any of the above, I have another, simple 
> polling strategy to
> keep my local user DB in sync with the PDC, heres what I do - 
> I would love
> to get any criticism etc. about this methodology:
> 1) 1 process that calls "get all groups" every 20 mins or so 
> - this takes a
> while
> 2) a process that calls "get all users in a given group" 
> every 18 seconds?
> (or slower or faster) for a single group. Cycle through all 
> the groups over
> a period of time.
> By polling groups I can cover all users and avoid having to 
> get a list of
> all users (since there are many more users than groups). This 
> assumes that
> every user belongs to at least one group.
> Ideally this kind of caching would be built into 
> winbind...although I have
> no idea of how to investigate this or to modify its code or to submit
> changes.
> Mike Papper
> mike at
> 415-584-8449

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