Windows XP and "logon home"

Jay Ts jay at
Mon Nov 19 03:51:21 GMT 2001

> On Sat, 17 Nov 2001, Jay Ts wrote:
> > So, everything works as expected except for Windows XP, which does
> > not ignore the \.win_profile\%m part.  Instead, it looks for the
> > user home directory in \\toltec\jay\.win_profile\zuni (for example,
> > on the network here).
> Odd; I came up against the same problem with Windows 2000 clients,
> whereas you suggest that for you Windows 2000 behaves like NT4 in this
> respect?

Yes.  No problem with Win2K here, and it works like NT 4 in this

> Anyway, the way worked around this is to introduce an smb.conf include
> based on detected client architecture (the %a macro):

Yes, that will work if Win2k is acting the same as XP.  Here, they
do not act the same, so I use the NetBIOS name %m variable to
point to a symbolic link (one for each client, by computer name)
to the home directory.  This is done to also allow Win95/98/Me to be
supported - they have a directory each, to keep their profiles separated
from each other.  Each client has a symbolic link by the same name, which
points to one of the Win95, Win98, WinMe directories, where the profiles
are actually stored.

The XP thing was an easy addition to add to this.  But it still doesn't look
right when viewed in My Computer.

Jay Ts

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