Trouble With Windows 2000

Suman Sai saisuman at
Sun Nov 18 03:14:04 GMT 2001

Dear All:

I'm running Windows 2000 as a Broadcast NetBIOS node. I've set up Samba on a 
RedHat 7.1 computer. Samba is working perfectly, I've tested every possible 
aspect of that on the Linux computer. The problem seems to be entirely from 
the Windows side.

Firstly, if I try to map a drive to the Linux computer three or four times 
(it fails every time), then after that I get the name of the Linux computer 
in the Workgroup. But even after that, I can't browse through the Linux 
computer. I get "the network path could not be found". Samba isn't 
restricting anything from the Windows computer's IP address, it is set as a 
master browser, user accounts are in order, NetBIOS naming is perfect 
(checked it with nmblookup), and what's more, smbclient works perfectly, 
too. My hardware is brand new, nothing wrong with my network, either - proxy 
servers and pings work perfectly. I felt it's the encrypted passwords 
problem, but I don't think things are reaching the authentication stage yet.

I've looked up every resource on this, but nothing seems to work. Please 

-Thanks and Regards,

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