Windows XP and "logon home"

Jay Ts jay at
Sun Nov 18 00:32:15 GMT 2001

Richard Sharpe wrote:
> But Jay, XP uses Nice Try Technology,

More like Pepsi technology ... er, maybe I mean Coke.  Make the
toxic substance sickly sweet and market the hell out of it.
I wonder how many users will prefer the "Windows Classic" theme.
(Yes, that is for real, for all those who haven't seen XP yet!)

Oh, alright, _seriously_, yes I know that XP is an NT system underneath
the candy coating.  But apparently with respect to "logon home",
it works differently than Windows NT and Windows 2000, and not like
Windows 95/98/Me, either!

BTW, another thing I found out is that if I try to use %a to
discern XP from NT and 2000 in the smb.conf file, it doesn't
work: XP is reported as "Win2K", same as Windows 2000.  I wonder
if there's some way to get that to work better. (?)

>so it would want logon path = some place ...

I don't know what you mean there ... my logon path is set to

	logon path = \\%L\profiles\%u\%m

but that is used _only_ for NT roaming profiles ... yes? ... or did I
miss something?  Anyway, the roaming profiles are working correctly here
for all Windows versions.  Note how I'm separating them by machine
name (%m, *not* %a) which is a little trick I'm using to keep the profiles
from different Windows versions from messing each other up ... which
they would otherwise be quite happy to do.  (I.e., Win2000 will not check
that it or another Win2k system created the profile, and overwrites
an NT or XP profile.  Then if NT or XP reads the profile, it will not
work right, and the system saves it locally for all future *mis*use!)
Stupid, stupid, stupid!  ** envisions massive corruption of roaming
profiles in misconfigured enterprise networks **

> Did you have to join the domain with XP?

Yes, of course.  It works just like Windows 2000 in that respect.
Except a little different... ;-)

- Jay Ts
jayts at

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