meaning of smb://<IP addr> (was Re: libsmbclient and IP numbers)

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Fri Nov 16 14:25:02 GMT 2001

Tom Jansen wrote:

> Hi,
>>>>>smbc_opendir("smb://<insert IP here>/); it fails! Is this not supported?
>>>>It works perfectly here 
> This is not true. My wrong. read on please.
[Deletia ...]
> Linux client: libsmbclient from HEAD
> Linux server: samba 2.2.2
> I've tried the following with the program snippet attached:
> Linux client vs. Windows 2000: 
> corona is the netbios name of the box with ip
> o smbc_opendir(smb:// returned: -1 errno: 0 strerror: Success
> o smbc_opendir(smb:// returned: 11024
>   All OK!
> o smbc_opendir(smb://corona) returned: 11024
>   All OK!
> o smbc_opendir(smb://corona/mp3) returned: 11024
>   All OK!

OK, now we get to decide what smb://<ip-addr> means. I am not sure if 
Cris Hertel considered this in the RFC he did on the topic, and I didn't 
when I explored this issue back in Jan or so of this year.

My gut feeling is that if people put in an IP address, they are referring to a specific server, so they expect to see the list of shares exported by the server.

Any comments?

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