Removal of plaintext krb5 support.

Green, Paul Paul.Green at
Thu Nov 15 11:42:04 GMT 2001

Luke Howard <lukeh at PADL.COM> wrote, on Tue, 13 Nov 2001 12:33:55 +1100

> >Keeping in mind, as A.B. pointed out, that not all of the supported 
> >platforms can run PAM.
> >
> >What work-around exists for non-PAM systems?
> You can always compile Linux-PAM on those systems. Granted, that's
> not as easy as it sounds, but certainly it's easier than it used
> to be now that autoconf is supported.

I maintain the port of Samba for the Stratus VOS system, which is a
POSIX-but-not-Unix operating system. I can port and run a whole lot of open
source / free software that is POSIX-1996 compliant and that follows the GNU
autoconf/configure model (I even run the native configure script these
days).  But we currently have nothing like PAM support and no plans to add
it.  We don't have dynamic link libraries or dynamically loadable code,
either.  (None of these things are in POSIX-1996).  Having Samba require PAM
support would create a real headache for me.  Please don't assume that we
are all running Unix systems.

I do agree with your point about autoconf. I think it is truly marvelous.

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