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Thu Nov 15 11:28:43 GMT 2001

patima kanthong wrote:
> Hello  Samba Team
>        Now I study Information Technology at King
> Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi <In bangkok
> ,Thailand>.My project is control printer with samba
> server. I would like you to help me ,please. I would
> like to know about samba.  How many module of samba?
> How work of each module  samba?  Because I must be
> doing project finish about samba server and next 7
> days I will send my project. I do my project concern
> with server and I use samba for server. The project
> that develop the samba and add some function such as

The aprint software from David Bannon

may help you... a lot. Is a C program acting as wrapper for the lpr(NG)

windows --> samba --> aprint --> lprng --> lpd ---> printer

the aprint software counts ps pages (A3 and A4) and so, only deals with
ps docs, and manage the accounts.

Also you can add an "if" to the printcap based in the a print or in the
link Michael provides:

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