libsmbclient and IP numbers

David Vest davve674 at
Thu Nov 15 11:12:03 GMT 2001

> > smbc_opendir("smb://<insert IP here>/); it fails! Is this not supported?
> It works perfectly here (cvs version from before the weekend). What
version are
> you using ?

I've tried checking out SAMBA_2_2 and HEAD, compiled with configure; make
copied it to /usr/lib along with libsmbclient.h to /usr/include. Then I run
ldconfig. But it still don't work!

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
  char* url = "smb://";
  int nDirEnt;

  err =  smbc_init(auth_fn,  10);
  nDirEnt = smbc_opendir(url);
smbc_opendir returns -1 with current source, but if I'll exchange my ip for
my netbios name, it works!

Are you sure that the scenario I describe works for you, and if so, what
could I be doing wrong?


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