win9x user level security

Joker Ewan uy_san at
Wed Nov 14 21:39:02 GMT 2001

i'm not sure if this is the right list to send my
question but anyway...

I have a win98 and winnt server residing on same
domain. I've set win98 as user-level sharing getting
the list of users from winnt server. Then, I tried
accessing a win98 shared folder from a win2k residing
on a different domain. A window will popup then for
asking me to input a username and password.  I've
inputting only username (with domain) and password and
I was able to login to win98 and see the shared
folders.  But when I tried to access the shared
it returns access denied.  Then, I've tried inputting
<domain>\<username> format on the popup window instead
where the <domain> is same as that of winnt.  I was
then able to access the win98 shared folder.  Does
anyone have an idea why?  I'd like to access the win98
shared folder just by giving only username without
specifying the domain.  Is this not possible?  Are
there settings need to be changed on win98 or winnt or


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