CVS update: samba/testsuite/build_farm

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Nov 13 23:37:02 GMT 2001

On 14 Nov 2001, Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at> wrote:
> smbd supports a -s option.  LIBSMB_PROG runs its argument with /bin/sh
> so smbd will indeed get any arguments we specify.
> Most of the client tools also take arguments to thae effect.
> Almost every path can now be specifed in smb.conf.
> So, in theory, this should be quite practical.

Yes, I think it's pretty close.

The other thing I'd like to look at is making sure that the binaries
get properly updated if the package is reconfigured.  For example
if you rerun ./configure in a directory that has already been built,
the binaries will not be changed but the Makefile will be, so 
the installation will basically be broken.  You would need to know
and remember to make clean, which is not very friendly.  I've got
caught by this a couple of times.

I think if you reconfigure the package then the necessary
recompilation to make the change effective should be done automatically.
You can imagine for example dumping these changes into configpath.h,
and then having appropriate .o files depend on that.

I think tridge has a bias against automatic rebuilding, but 
in this case I think it is justifiable because *not* rebuilding it
can basically never be correct.

In general I think it would be nice to have dependencies on headers
calculated properly.  Just when using CVS it would be nice to simply
do "make" afterwards and have relevant parts rebuilt, rather than 
needing to do make clean all.  Similarly auto-dependencies might have
stopped the bug jra had earlier today where two parts of the code
disagreed about the size of a struct.

This is hard to do in a portable way, but after talking with Tim
I have some ideas that will give you a nice rebuilding with GNU cc/make,
and minimal correct behaviour otherwise.

I'm interested in whether anyone is going to shoot that down 
on principle...

Samba Republican :-)

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