delete on close problem

Scott Moomaw scott at
Tue Nov 13 11:10:05 GMT 2001

> So it isn't the bug I thought it was. Now, can you get a
> NetMon trace between W2K client -> W2K server doing exactly
> the same thing ? Is so, can you send me the .cap file so I
> can take a look and try and match it with the Samba log ?
> (Or also do a Netmon cap of W2K to Samba and send both).

I'll see what we can get for you.  We don't have a W2K server here so I
can't get that part.

> Of course, what I'd really like is a method of reproducing
> this problem here ? Can you tell me how to do this ? As I
> recall, you did try but it was not reproducible here. There
> must be something missing in the instructions given, as I'm usually
> able to reproduce problems like the 4gb write etc. once people
> give *explicit* instructions (with the 4gb problem it was
> to do a copy filea+fileb dest, not just a copy bigfile dest :-).

It's easy to reproduce this on our systems just by attempting to create a
new document using Frontpage 2000 or Word 2000.  I think that you haven't
been able to reproduce it because of the strange circumstance under which
this began.  We use Command Antivirus for Windows 2000 on our desktops.
After we upgraded to version 4.62.0 of the antivirus software, we began to
experience this regularly as long as oplocks are on.  With oplocks off, I
see an unlink request after the second open which allows things to
succeed.  Reproducing the problem seems to involve using the specific
antivirus package on the client.


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