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On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Karthik S wrote:

> 	I installed Samba 2.2.1a in Linux and tried to configure it for
> Automatic Printer Driver Downloading. While uploading the driver files
> to the Samba Server, although all the driver files get copied to the
> correct location and the printer gets added to CUPS, I get a message
> "The operation could not be completed . Access Denied".

Could be a buggy driver.  Which printer model is it?

> 	While downloading the files, the uploaded printer is listed in
> the "Printers"  folder. Double-clicking it prompts a message - "Do you
> want to download the driver files from the server?". When said - "Yes"
> to this, a message "No driver files found. Do you want to install a
> driver locally?"

There is no driver currently assigned to printer.

> 	But on the Windows machine, if I go to the properties of the
> printer, click on "New Driver" and install it again on the server, NO
> "Access Denied" message appears. After this, I am able to download the
> driver to any other Windows client.

Dunno.  Need more information.

> 	Another strange thing that happened is - sometimes driver files
> were copied to a folder "2" under W32X86 and also straight under
> W32X86 while other times it was copied to only to the folder 2 under
> W32X86. I do not understand why this happens. I have given a step by
> step account of what I did to configure at the end of this mail.

The "2" and "3" subdircetoris represent driver versions.  Ones remaining
in W32X86 did not get uploaded correctly.

> 	Another help. I am trying to port Samba to VxWorks. I need just
> the simple functionalities like - Name resolution, File Sharing and
> Automatic Printer Driver Downloading. I DO NOT need functionalities
> like - my server acting as a domain server and print server. I want
> only the functionalities listed above. Can you give me some idea of
> which part of Samba code that I can prune out to support these minimum
> functionalities? I ask this because memory is a major cause of concern
> for me in VxWorks environment.

> 3.Created the appropriate folders (W32X86 and WIN40) at /home/samba/printers
> where the  driver files are uploaded. Gave chmod 775 for "printers" folder.
> 4.Added an user with the "hostname" followed by $ where hostname is the name
> of the Windows  machine used to upload.
> 5.Added the "hostname$" as well as "padmin" to the smbpasswd list
> 6.Add the following to smb.conf file:
> 	#under global-
> 	printer admin = @ntadmin
> 	printing = cups
> 	addprinter command = /usr/bin/addprinter
> 	#A new share
> 	[print$]
> 		path = home/samba/printers
> 		public = yes
> 		browseable = yes
> 		read only = yes
> 		write list = Administrator,padmin,root
> 		directory mask = 0775
> 5.Created the script addprinter to add the printer to CUPS as follows.
> 	#!/bin/sh
> 	driver = $(grep -lr "$4" /home/samba/printers/W32X86 | head -1)
> 	/usr/sbin/lpadmin -p $2 -P $driver -L "$5" -v "parallel:/dev/lp0"
> At Windows NT:
> 1. Logged in as "padmin" into the Samba server and tried to upload a driver
> through  "AddPrinter" at Printers folder.

Is padmin able to add printers via lpadmin?  Is padmin a member of the
ntadmin group?

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