Deleting parameters.

John E. Malmberg malmberg at
Mon Nov 12 06:11:04 GMT 2001

On Mon, 12 Nov 2001, David Brodbeck wrote:
> > From: andrew morgan [mailto:morgan at]
> > That said, I don't have any problem with you guys changing smb.conf around
> > between major releases.  If you decided to rewrite all the parameters, I
> > might be annoyed but I would just read the docs and write a new smb.conf.
> What would be really great (though is seldom done in most software, in my
> experience) would be if, instead of just spitting the old parameters back as
> syntax errors, the error log would give some clue as to where to look for
> the new ones.  (e.g., "Parameter 'security' is no longer supported, see
> 'server role'.)

That would be a good enhancement to testparms.

But while some parameters may not be needed anymore for UNIX, they may
still be needed for non-UNIX ports of SAMBA.

As a real example:

What I have yet to examine the code is what happened to the OLE Locking
enabling parameter.  The one that when enabled used very high byte range
values in a file with fcntl() in the SAMBA 2.0.x stream.

OpenVMS native file locking requires that the blocks to be locked actually
exist, so enabling that parameter will cause problems.

But that parameter is missing in the 2.2.x stream, and I do not know if
the OLE locking algorithm was changed to something that will not be a
problem for me, or if it has been hard coded to be enabled.

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