Deleting parameters.

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Mon Nov 12 06:08:02 GMT 2001

"Gerald (Jerry) Carter" wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Nov 2001, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> > > OK.  I'll play devil's advocate here.  Have you asked ?  Or are we
> > > assuming?  Now I will also point out that as I did to Andrew B.
> > > that removing the --with-krb5 option removes certain functionality
> > > that I do not think can be supported in 3.0.  Namely, logons
> > > using Kerberos from non-win2000 clients with a non-PAM server
> > > (which there are many).
> >
> > Yes, that problem bothers me.  I think we will end up with a new
> > solution that uses the new kerberos code that is complementary to the
> > existing design.  In intend to allow PAM (and possibly krb5-plaintext)
> > to be configured at runtime, rather than at compile time.  This is
> > actually quite practical with the new auth code.
> You know, I'm glad to hear you say this.  This is the first time
> I've heard anyone mention this plan.  Will it be done in time for 3.0? :-)

If sombody codes it in time for 3.0...

I'll provide the infrustructure, but I can't say its a priority,
particularly given the viable alternitive (and proven) PAM-based method. 

In any case, I'll wait until the new kerberos code is bedded down, so I
have somthing to build on.  We will probably loose the ablity to
authenticate SWAT from it, due to linking madness.

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